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Youtube Vs Tiktok Famous Youtuber Baklol video Viral

New Treading Topic Youtuber Vs Tiktok

hi guys welcome to yourhindistatus news update , here some news about....trending topic youtube vs tiktok  ....the famous youtube chanel baklol video .....tell about ...who is better youtbe vs tiktok???

YouTube Vs Tiktok Baklol video
YouTube Vs Tiktok

Mom I am saying this for the last time I will be a Tiktoker I don't want to be someone's slave I don't want to live on other's terms I want to be a Tiktoker Son, 

I am trying to tell you for the last time Please try to understand No momI want to be a Tiktoker You will be a Tiktoker ? You know you should have hairstyle like broom to be a Tiktoker Do you have? 

Famous Youtuber Baklol Video
Can you wear black jacket in this hot weather ? And from where will you get so much of powder which you gonna spread like this Son what kind of disease is this ? 

On which you dreaming to be a Tiktoker ? Do wanna see my talent ? Can you see my talent ? Show me This is my talent I can rule over tiktok with this I want to show this talent to the whole world And will rule on tiktok [music] Script is final The length of the video is around 15 minute Your role is the second lead role We are planning to start the shoot from the next monday 

I liked the 4 videos My content is ready for today I will do lip sync for 10 minutes then content is ready Did you get anything for you? 

I am not able to find something good Good ? We are making for tiktok, not for youtube Do one thing Duet on any viral video You will get 3-4 crore likes easily You are right I will do this Okay let's do it [music] I just woke up I will have tea Will eat something..

 After that I will make tiktok videos I will get some taunt from family Then I will eat free food and will live on my parent's own terms [music] That's itIt's done I am shamed to have a son like you [music] Guys! 

No One likes the good video Mom dad also worked so hard Please like this video There is no harm to give one like of yours Please guys like it Ah done ! Did you got any idea ? No! I haven't What should we do now ? What should we make next video ?

Rakshabhandan festival is about to come Shall we make video on brother sister ? Yes right ! But we have to make something very different Title can be same but the content should be very different Amazing Yes you are rightOkay let's think now You are making tea ? 

Yes Then record a video while making tea Yes right I don't have to waste time again Ready ? Start Hello friends I am sunny I am making tea Who wants tea ? I want to drink tea Anyone else ?

      Family Photos For Baklol youtuber 

Baklol Family images
Baklol video

 I want one big bowl of tea And dad you ? I guess dad don't want to drink tea He already got curd in mouth It's okay curd will melt once you drink the tea Add ginger Yes doing ! Done ? Yes ! AmazingShow me   Guys I am scrolling the for you section of tiktok since so long But there is no weird people here Where are you guys ? 

Dueat to this video and tell me that tikok is full of weird people Please duet and tell you are weird You thought we don't have engagement ? We have huge engagement as compared to youtubers Got it ? That's how we bring engagement Also, follow me on instagram .

I will see you there Okay ?Bye [music] Put your feet aside [music] I am not playing ! [music] Done ! And It's post ! How much time do you need to make one video ? 

I generally need 4 hours to make one transition video I don't need about rest of the people Why do you need 4 hours for just 15 second of content ? See, Once I woke up I go to market in the morning Then I buy 4-5 dresses from there Then I came back to home by auto Delhi's traffic is so mess In all this, I took 3 hours and 58 minutes Then in the rest of 2 minutes I have to take care of tags of the dresses While making video if there is any damage to tags Then shopkeeper refuse to return Then while returning there can be fight as well There is so much of hardwork while making one tiktok video Oh god! It's 5 already ! I have to return my cloths Get aside !

 I don't want loss of Rs 250 [music] Light Sound rolling Camera rolling Action So ! Are you enjoying the video ? 

Video is not ended yet Watch this video till the end There is alot of fun ! Do follow us on instagram @baklolvideo We need to show them engagement as well [music] Make up ready ! Hair ready ! Everything is ready ! Oranges are ready ! All

 I need to do is action ! Action ! [music] And the video is ready now I have oranges with me I am eating I am returning wait Let's record one more [music] I guess he is that tiktok star Let me go and confirm to him as well Brother you are that tiktok star ! 

Yes I am that one The one who got 25 M followers Yes I am that ! I see all your videos You make so amazing stuff Thank you Can you come to my home ? I am busy, 

I need to record tiktok Please one time I told you I am busy Please one time I told you I am busy Get lost I am not fond to take you to my home as well We have got a new baby at our house That's why I am asking you ! [music] Yes ?

 Yes I am the manager of this channel Okay Mail me all the details related to the sponsorship Let me check And before we proceed let me tell you that we need minimum 14 days to deliver the video Yes share Let me share the details with the creator as well If he is interested then we will tell you to proceed ahead Sure Thank youBye Hello who ?

 Sir I am calling from music company I need some tiktokers I need to do promotion of the song Yes sure I have 2.5 crore tiktoker I will make this up with everyone I have colored hair, cloth transition, who acts like girl Even we have tiktoker which you can't guess the gender Sir tell me the charges It will be Rs245 for 2.5 crore tiktokers Also, Rs 25 extra for the cloths transition video So basically you will get 2.5 crore tiktokers in Rs 300 Deal done Also Can I get some content creators on tiktok as well ?

 Are you doing promotion on youtube or tiktok ? We have got lip sync creators on tiktok From where can we get the real talent on tiktok ? Oh sorryDon't get me wrong You just spoiled the mood Also, Can we get Amir Siddiqui ? No, You can't get Amir Siddiqui Carry already sold him in Rs 200 at sweet shop So costly ! 

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